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Sabine is a gatherer.
What the Earth has to say, it has encountered in the bed of a river.
In the workshop, grain against hand, pot on skin, the language of gestures becomes sculpture,
the hatching is sometimes raw, sometimes tender... it depends...
But the earth always finds its rhythm, resists, then swells its unsuspected veins,
grows, opens up to the joy of a unique piece – from the origin to the original.
It's so hard sometimes the raw earth, the giant fires that cook it and inhabit it and Sabine knows
wait, patiently, carefree.
Sabine is there, sublimating the strength of ley lines into a beautiful asymmetry.
She feeds - feminine flower - on enamel and brushes, porcelain and pigments.
Sabine sows ranges of flowers and fruits, drops of water like notes, so that the
earth sings its tune and we go and drink it, as we listen to music.

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